HeartWorms in Dogs!

Identifying early symptoms of heartworms is key to getting proper treatment started before the infestation gets too severe. An older dogs weakened immune system makes it harder for them to fight off infections and that also goes for dealing with heartworms. Early detect will be a great benefit for your old dogs recovery.

Early Symptoms

  • Easily tires - have you noticed any reduction in the energy level of your dog - does he get fatigued quicker?

  • Not interested in exercise - when a dog is not excited for a walk or a run around the yard there could be an underlining reason.

  • Soft deep cough - Don't over look the slightest cough - take it seriously and have your dog checked.

Severe Symptoms

  • Weight loss - dogs are not usually one for missing meals so a reduction in his appetite can be a sign for you to have him checked out.

  • Breathing difficulty - after slight exercise if you notice your dog is breathing rapidly sounding like he's gasping for air.

  • Harder Cough - a deeper cough that doesn't seem to be getting better or going away

Advanced Symtoms

  • Severe weight loss - ribs become visible - seem to be sticking out

  • Coughing up blood

  • Fainting

  • Jaundice - a yellowing of tissue - visible in the whites of the eyes and also in there gums. This will indicate a problem with the liver.

Knowing the symtoms of heartworms can help you make an educated decision on how best to care for your old dog. Heartworm prevention products are the best way to control heartworms, will usually require a prescription and can found at 1-800 PetMeds icon