Animal Shelters & Rescues


We got our dog from a foster home and we encourage everyone to consider adoption. Please remember the older dogs.


  • no special link to older dogs but still a valuable site
  • Senior Mutt Match The mission of Senior Mutt Match is to help promote the adoption of senior dogs ("senior" is from 5-12 years young depending on the breed) from shelters and rescue groups in the San Diego community.



  • Gracie's Home A National Heritage Foundation: Non-Profit life-long animal sanctuary for abused, special needs, neglected, and otherwise un-adoptable animals. So they have a loving comfortable home to joyfully live out their days.




  • Hill Country Greyhound Adoption is a non-profit incorporated organization serving San Antonio, Texas & Surrounding Areas. A non-profit incorporated organization , dedicated to finding loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We locate, rehabilitate and find loving homes for as many Greyhounds as we can. We take "greyt" pride in matching up retired racers with loving families.


  • Greyhound Gang  Read about a remarkable person dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of ex-racing greyhounds.



  • - This site is dedicated to saving the lives of last chance shelter animals. Select dog from the animal drop down, senior from the age group and enter your state to find a older lovable companion in your area.


General Links

  • - American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Very good site to find information on ways to prevent animal cruelty.