Safety ideas for older dogs!

As our dogs age and their eyesight weakens and their reactions slow, it becomes more important that we help them remain safe. Making our old dogs visible in the dark and on a controlled leash will help provide them some extra protection to remain safe.

Pet Safety Wearables

  • Bright Orange Safety Vest - feel comfortable knowing your dog can be seen during an evening walk.

  • Flashing Safety Collar - allow your dog to be visible up to 1 mile. This will let people see your dog and reduce the chance of him getting hit.

  • PupLight Dog Flashlight - Walk your dog safely after dark with the PupLight Dog Flashlight. The small light attached to a flexible collar will light the way up to 200 ft. ahead of your pet.

  • GPS Tracking System - a great way to reduce the amount of time searching when your old dog decides to go exploring

Pet Water Safety

  • Life Jacket - Does your older dog enjoy swimming and sharing an afternoon riding on the boat? But you worry if he have the stamina to swim to shore if he fell in? Stop worrying! With a life jacket designed especially for canines, your dog's safety is assured.

  • Pool Eye Alarm - Protect your old dog from accidental drowning. An older dog's poor vision may prevent them from seeing the edge of the pool. Even if your dog is was a good swimmer, his older muscles will tire easily. Hypothermia is also a concern in cooler weather

  • Safety Turtle - can be attached to you dog's collar and sound an alert the moment your pet hits the water.

  • Skamper Ramp - provides a way for pets or wildlife to escape the water. This dog pool ramp can be used with in-ground or above-ground pools, most docks and some boats.

Pet Travel Safety

  • Car Barriers - Safety Barriers keep pets from sliding through to the front seat during hard braking. Also keeps pets from interfering with vehicle operations.

  • Seat Belt - Most models conveniently attach to seatbelt buckles, while others tether via your vehicle's round bar. Not only does this protect your dog, but it also keeps the pooch from restlessly leaping back and forth between the front and back seats.

  • Doggles - more than a fashion statement. If your old dog likes to keep his head out the window during your road trips these will help keep his eyes safe from the wind and bugs. Plus you will get the most looks from other drivers!

  • Dog Car Seats - keep your dog as safe in the car as you are.

  • Pet Travel Carriers - provide a safe comfortable place for your dog to rest while traveling.

Pet Safety Aids

  • Bottom up Leash - The Bottom's Up Leash helps you help your disabled dog move more comfortably and safely. The leash works by supporting a portion of the dogs hind legs while they walk, or attempt to go up/down stairs.

  • Lift-N-Aid - allows you to help guide older dogs without having to lift them which could injury you or your dog.

  • Retractable Leashes - allow your dog the privacy of roaming while you retain control and keep him safe. This is especially important as our old dog's eyesight and sense of smell start to fail. They may not see threats or sense danger.

  • Electronic Fences - provides your old dog some freedom to roam and you confidence he won't wonder away or into the street.