Ramps and Stairs for Old Dogs!

When our older dogs lose some of their agility, it's no reason to leave them home. Dog Ramps and stairs are available to help navigate steep inclines and high resting spots such as the front seat of a vehicle or next to you on the couch.

Dog Ramp Training Tips

  • Place the ramp flat on the ground
  • Walk your dog across the ramp while on the ground
  • Begin by walking your dog up the ramp
  • Place your hand softly on your dog as a guide. Some recommend on the collar! We like around his back as it makes him feel more comfortable
  • Always remind them of a job Well Done going up and down the ramp.

Aging bones and joints often mean that an older dog's jumping days are over. Curling up on a favorite couch, lap or a ride in the family car does not have to be a memory to your beloved canine. An older dog that loves to travel with the family does not have to be left at home. Nor do they have to give up sleeping in there favorite spot.

Selecting a Dog Ramp

Design. Steps versus Ramp. Can your dog handle stairs but cannot jump up and onto their favorite couch? A small set of stairs might be the answer. If your dog has trouble with stairs, a ramp might be the better choice.

Weight. Is the ramp/stairs going to be used in more than one place? A lightweight portable option might be the answer. Is your dog on the heavy size? A sturdy staircase or ramp for up to 250 pounds might be required.

Cost. If your pet has several favorite spots around the house, it might be wise to invest in a lower cost product and buy several rather than move around one ramp or staircase.

Sturdiness. Does your dog need assistance into a car or van? If you will be walking up the ramp with your dog, it will need to be sturdy enough for both of you.Some ramps can handle up to 250 pounds, but others won't hold that much weight. Be certain to consider the structure and weight constraints when making your selection.

Ease of Cleaning. Is your senior dog a mud magnet? Is she prone to accidents? A washable ramp designed for indoor/outdoor use might be your best choice.

Portability. Does your dog go everywhere with you? You might want a ramp that is portable to give your canine friend the accessibility that you both deserve. Ramps can be lightweight and foldable for easy use anywhere you and your senior dog want to go.