Dog Beds for Older Dogs

Finding the perfect orthopedic dog bed for your older dog doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. Your old dog will benefit from a dog bed mattress that is therapeutic and heated for optimal comfort. As a dog ages, arthritis can set in causing aching and joint pain. Older dogs need extra comfort every time they lie down and napping on an orthopedic dog can be a pain-reducing solution.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Orthopedic Bed for an Older Dog

  • Orthopedic Support
  • Washable Cover
  • Optional Therapeutic Heat
  • Replaceable Cover
  • Availability of Waterproof Lining Covers
  • Cover fabric that is durable and not slippery

Dogs can sleep in the strangest places and positions. But did you ever think that the way your dog sleeps could give you a hint as to the type of dog bed he prefers?

  • does your dog curl up or stretch out?
  • sleep on his back or on his tummy?
  • some dogs like to cuddle up in your recliner while others will sleep on your bed with their head on your pillow.

Think of these as clues...find the dog bed that best match your dog's sleeping habits.

It is important for an older dog to have a comfortable rest area. Achy bodies can mean a cranky pet. Sleeping on a cold hard floor can cause chronic pain and additional discomfort.

By observing your pet, you will have a better idea of what product to look for as his daily comfortable resting place.

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Dog Beds for kennels
Kennel and Crate Beds

Dog crate beds can be found with orthopedic foam and can offer your old dog extra comfort.

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Orthopedic Dog Bed
Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds are great pet beds for older, ailing, and post-operative dogs, or those with arthritis.

Designed for additional support and comfort for your dog' aching bones and joints.

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Cooling Dog Beds
Cooling Dog Beds

The orthopedic beds designed with a cooling feature are perfect for old dogs.

Relief from the heat does not come easy if you are covered head to toe in fur at any age.

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Travel Dog Beds
Travel Dog Beds

Travel beds are easy to clean, transported and stored while still being comfortable.

Use at home when your dog wants to enjoy the nice weather without having to rest on the ground.

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Heated Dog Beds
Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds and heating pads are great for senior dogs who need a warm place to rest their sore joints and muscles.

Most heated beds feature chew-resistant cords!

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