For itchy pets, or ones with allergies, a shirt can make the skin less accessible, reducing chewing, licking and scratching.

Pet Apparel for Old Dogs


Dog apparel is much more than just looking good for the senior dog. As dogs age, they become more susceptible to cold and damp weather. They enjoy their walks outdoors but a light rain can aggravate arthritis and muscle pain.

Winter weather on slippery ice or salt/chemical treated sidewalks can cause painful cracking and drying of footpads. A windy day can mean a night of dry, painful eyes. Sweaters, raincoats, boots and goggles are more than fashion statements. They make your pet comfortable so they can continue to enjoy the changing seasons with you.

Dog Boots - protect the pads of your dogs feet from the cold icy winters, hot surfaces in the summer and from the chemicals used in the yard and sidewalks.

Dog Sweater - work effectively to conserve your dog's body heat. If he runs in brush, it will help prevent mosquito and spider bites, and repel fleas and ticks.

Dog Raincoat - It is essential for older dogs to exercise every day but care must be given to keep them warm and dry. A raincoat will keep your dog dry on rainy days so he can continue to get exercise in all types of weather.

Dog Jacket - When exposed to the cold, it can take only minutes for him to become dangerously chilled. A nice warm jacket is a good source of protection for your dog from the cold wet weather.

Dog Goggles - Comfortable and stylish, they're perfect for hunting and working dogs, post-eye surgery, light sensitivity, or car trips.

Dog Sweatshirt - When it is cold outside, your dog is exposed to the wet chilly weather. A sweatshirt can help them stay warm.

Dog Costumes - When it comes to Halloween and your dog, why leave them out of the fun?

Choose a coat that is sturdy, comfortable and is easy to wash.