Caring for an Older Dog

At Old Dog Paws we believe older dogs have earned the extra time it takes us to keep them healthy, happy and comfortable in their senior years. Over the years our dogs have been by our side (or under our feet), adding additional security to our homes while we sleep, providing unconditional love and teaching us many life lessons.

Older dogs can remain happy and active if we provide them a nutritional diet, continue to get them some exercise and maintain a regular visitation schedule with a Veterinarian. The goal of this site is to provide you with enough information on the different aspects of caring for an older dog so that you can keep them comfortable and with you as long as possible.

Dog Beds for old dogs
Orthopedic Beds

Older dogs will benefit from a mattress that is therapeutic and heated for optimal comfort.

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Dog Bowls for old dogs
Elevated Feeder

Great for reducing body stress of older dogs suffering from arthritis pain.

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Dog Ramps for old dogs
Dog Ramps

When older dogs lose some of their agility, it is no reason to leave them home.

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